By far the best thing I’ve seen in months..

mean but funny! :P

mean but funny! 😛

Hi! Welcome to my blog. Firstly you may wonder why you’re reading this – I’m certainly baffled myself.

I’m writing because I often feel the need to rant, or to review something, or just to get something written down to make sense of it all.

This will become my space for that, and I intend to update frequently, hopefully it will be funny/interesting enough to keep your attention, most as like though it will fade into the background with the 16,000,000 other blogs out there in that sprawling series of tubes that is the Internet.

I have a keen interest in most things geeky, most things car related, and most things musical – so if you’re a one track mind person, gtfo, or learn to broaden your horizons – as all these things will be covered I’m sure.

I’m actually rather confused because I HAD a wordpress account I used to use on, but someone else seems to have my name (and they’re not using it, GRR).. sad times! 😦

That’s about it for now, I shall update when I have something more interesting to say. Bye for now!